Dear Sir or Madam
We have eaten several times at *** ***** usually co- enciding with the ******* Group’s use of the nearby facilities.

This has always been an enjoyable day,topped off with an excellent meal either before or after the use of the nearby facilities.

Unfortunatly on the date in question your usual exceptional high standards fell short of expectations which was dissapointing.
Especially as an ex Chef i can be very critical of catering establishments and have always been impressed with your Chef’s culinary expertise.
We partook of the *** ***** **** and these were excellent and my wife and i especially enjoyed these.Our friend also enjoyed her meal.

The menu implied that”all courses are served with fresh vegetables”,this suggests plural not singular?
Our meal was accompanied by one vegetable!(unless you include the tomatoes in the sauce?).

I know that in the high cuisine you don,t normally recieve a great deal on your plate but it does state “vegetables”Nevertheless as i said before the meal what there was of it was of excellent taste and quality.

Moving on to the crux of this e-mail.My wife’s friend and i decided to partake of the Cheesecake.

Unfortunatly the quality of this concoction did not carry your previous high standard.The base was abominable as though it had been squeezed absoloutly flat with no evidence of crumb the filling of the cheesecake itself was bland there was not a hint of lemon,as the definition suggested.This would have complemented the sweetness of the other ingredients.

When i did my City and Guilds training in the late 70s we had various recipes for Cheesecake they were either Hotset which was baked in the oven and never ever saw a crumbled biscuit!Or a cold set which was made with a combination of a Genoise Base and whipped cream folded into a meringue mixture with sultanas (or any other fruits you wished).
Yours did not reach that standard by any means.

I have checked both my old original fourth edition Practical Cookery by Kinton and Ceserani and my 11th edition,unfortunatly there isnt a recipe for cheesecake but excellent ones on Apple Meringue Flan maybe you could start with that!
Practical Cookery 11th Edition,Page 616 number 128 (flan aux pommes meringue) There is also in both my old fourth edition and the 11th edition a recipe for Lemon Meringue Flan (No 131 page 617)

Joking apart and i wasn,t. I have in all my long years only refused to pay the full amount on a Restaurant bill twice,once was at a ***** ****.(We had no choice. I’ve had better from a burger van! God help them). Unfortunatly the other was at your Restaurant yesterday.
I thought it only fair to let you know as a Restaurants good name takes years to build up and yet little time to demolish.

Yours Faithfully
**** *****

Postscript;We paid well above the norm for the food here,usually good but they let us down this time.I thought it only fair to inform them and they replied immediately with an apology for the omission and a promise of a refund.True to their word and to their credit we received compensation in the form of two free meals to be taken later.