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Dear Customer Services

At the weekend I visited my local WHSmith store armed with some gift cards I had received. As a loyal customer I frequently visit your stores and often forget to use them. When I got to the till I was told that they were invalid because the balance on them had expired. I would like an explanation. My aunt sends the gift cards as presents, she pays her money for them and you receive the money in advance. How can the money then simply vanish? Would you kindly explain where it has gone?

Yes I have since read the minute terms and conditions printed on the backs of the cards, that they become invalid after 24 months of consecutive non-use. However this seems very arbitrary to me and in fact sounds like a scam. I have paper gift cards for your stores which are years older than these electronic cards and these have no expiry dates. How can it be that I can spend decades old coupons but not relatively recent ones? How do you justify this? Argos gift cards do not expire. Is there a valid reason why yours do?

To add insult to injury I asked to speak to the manager regarding this matter. The manager did not deign to speak to me in person but instead relayed a message over the phone to the till assistant. What a prime example of poor customer service. Isn’t it precisely the managers job to deal with situations like these and resolve them satisfactorily for the customer?

I really do look forward to hearing your explanations. I also look forward to being reimbursed. Twenty pounds cannot just vanish, you received the money and now you need to provide what was paid for.

Yours Sincerely,