Dear Sir/Madam
It is regretted that I find it necessary to bring to your attention my experience in booking directly with P&O Cruises and in particular my disappointment in the manner I was dealt with by booking clerks in general. I say this for reasons which I will outline to you :- (1) The number of calls I made to the office, could have been avoided if they had given me the correct answers to my question in the first place:-(2) The length of time I was kept waiting on the phone was quite unnecessary as the answers to the question asked should have been readily available and I would not then have been faced with such a heft phone bill in the end.:-(3) I mention to various staff I talked to that I did not have a printer, and was assured that any correspondence would be forwarded to me by post, sadly to date this did not happen.. I am looking forward to my second P&O Cruise, and hope this one will be as enjoyable as the first.However I am very disappointed with the service I received from the booking clerks..
Yours sincerely
Wilhemina J Bardouille