Something needs to be done about the way that the above pub is being run at present. There is ALWAYS some problem with the menu – something not available, i.e., no fish at 6.30 pm on Fish Friday, no nan bread on Curry Night, no beef, turkey, lamb and one chicken dinner available at 6pm on a Sunday!! This is something that is happening ALL the time and not just occasionally.

I’ve also noticed the regular practice of customers complaining and receiving money back !! Surely this shouldn’t be happening so often if the food is edible and available!!

Also, the whole of the seating area upstairs cordoned off for a Staff Meeting on Sunday’s at 6.30. This reduces the seating available to paying customers by so much and, along with the limited menu, people are moving to other pubs to eat. The current Management seem to like printing notices showing what is NOT available, where NOT to sit and when to move to another area.