Dear Sir/Madam

I would like to submit a complaint regarding the service I received in the Thomas Sheraton in Stockton On Tees. I visit Weatherspoons on a weekly basis, mostly in Durham City (Lloyds No 1 and Boat House) and I receive an outstanding service from either of the establishments. Whist visiting Thomas Sheraton on Sunday the 9th of August 2015; I ordered lunch for myself, partner and two children. I dealt with a lady, who took my order to which I stated I wanted a Brunch Burger (declined to double up), a Lasagne and two children’s ham, egg and chips.

The order, to what I believed went through fine, she then went on to order drinks. I ordered a diet Pepsi, Kronenberg and two Happy Monkey smoothies. I was told they had no Kronenberg, so I ordered a Strongbow. The lady had to send another member of staff for the Happy Monkey drinks (as there was none stocked in their fridge under the bar area). The lady returned and my drinks were given. I then asked whether I could have the fruit bags that come with the children’s meals, the lady serving myself had to request another member of staff, again, to retrieve the fruit as they were out of stock also.

so, I have four drinks and two fruit bags, went back to our seats and awaited food. A short while later a lady came with the two adult means and then returned with 1 of the children’s ham egg and chips. My little boy was upset to say the least as his sister was served first. I said it wasn’t to worry as the lady will be shortly returning with another ham egg and chips. I was then advised that only 1 ham egg and chips was “ran through to the kitchen”. I was shocked and the waitress could see this – she offered to go back through the kitchen and get another children’s meal, but could I go to the tills and pay for the children’s meal. I checked my receipt and it only showed one children’s meal.

I visited the till again and the lady who served me prior was no where to be seen, so another dark haired lady served me, I was not happy and I explained that she has given me 2 children’s drinks, two fruit bags and only rang through one child’s meal? The lady replied “aww”. No sorry, no apology, nothing.

Granted I should have checked my receipt, but when all drinks and things add up, I never thought to check.

To top it off, my partners lasagne was barely warm.

I don’t like complaining usually, as a family we move Weatherspoons, its great value for money. But service at the above establishment is less than desirable.