I do not recommend using tradeuptohp.com when trading in your old laptop. Basically I purchased a new laptop directly from HP. They advertise that you get £150 cash back when you trade in your old laptop. However when you do trade in its another company not connected to HP but they take your laptop and give you £150 for it.

I gave my laptop to them in early January and to date I’ve had NO money for it. In the early stages they tried to con me by saying they will only pay £100 because it had scratches on it but after I stood my ground they gave in and said I can have the full money. I know my laptop was in mint condition and was packed really good. It was also worth much more than £150 but gave it to them just to avoid hassle.

I really wish I never bothered with tradeuptohp now, they never pick their phone up reply to my emails. When they do reply they don’t answer your question properly and even don’t ring back when you insist a phone call.

I am not sure if I get my laptop back or money but will fight my case.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Beware!