Dear Mr Manager,

I am writing to complain about the unpunctuality of the Service 91 bus to Bablake School (who cares about that other school?).

The tardiness is causing several problems:
o The children have less time to socialise with friends
o They have less time to prepare for the next day
o They gain less sleep from waking up so early
o They sometimes have to skip breakfast to get to the stop

Not only are these the consequences of the lateness but the bus stop itself is in a dangerous area; all have to cross the busy main road to reach here and they have to wait through harsh conditions as there is no shelter. As a result, there is a higher chance of getting influenza.
Also, my children have complained about bad conditions on the bus (the smell from toilets, the ripped seats, the missing seatbelts, etc) and the rudeness of the bus drivers.

I have, from past experience, seen the insolence of the men and women driving.

In one instance, we have no change and my daughter gave a £10 note. The bus driver had no change for this and refused to give his own money. Therefore, the 80p bus fare became £9.20 more expensive.
And since my daughter got no change, the same bus driver, who came after school, would NOT let her get on because she had no fare.

I find this APPALLING. If this lateness continues and conditions are not improved, you will find me contacting the owner of the company, (my FATHER’s best friend’s girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend’s mother’s step-father-in-law’s nephew) and let him know.

Yours Sincerely,

An angered schoolchild’s concerned mother.