dear sir/madam
i am emailimng u due to a complaint i have about the primark plymouth store.
i picked up a pair of black hareem trousers in the sale rail priced at £6.00,tried them on an as they where to big i got a oung lady to change them for me and she picked a smaller size of the sale rail for me of exactly the same trousers ,i bought them but realised that i had been charged £12 for them ,i questioned this an the young lady beside said she had the same trouble all day as sum where cummin up at £6 an some £12,but they where all £6 as they where on sale .the manageress said it wasnt her fault people had put the trousers on the wrong rail an they still where £12, but had been makred with a red pen, the thing is the changing rm assistant had got them from the sale rail .the manageress refused to let me have the trousers at £6 even tho they where on the sale rail and stode there an argued with me to the extent that i grabbed the trousers an left the store .as far as i am conscerned the trousers i was paying for where on sale , as i no my consumer rights i should have been refunded the £6 owed to me and not argued with.