i shop at your store in gorsinon at least twice a week and for our big shop we head into your swansea store. this saturday on our big shop i seen a offer for a fugifilm digital cammera saving me approx fifty pounds so i toke advantage of this great offer. on my return home i found the camera to be faulty so on monday i returned it to the store for a exchange.after speaking to a member of staff it came to light there were no more in stock so i asked how we could get around this if they could order me one or send this one back for a exchange or even have one transfered from another store the only option i recived is was me to give me a refund and travel to bridgend store and buy one from the store there that was not practical as its about a thirty mile trip.so i asked to speak to the manager on this the manager came down and after going through this again the manager(steve)told me he lives by the bridgend store and would get one for me he then went onto the phone to bridgend and confirmed they had them in stock and would phone me to advise when i could pick up my cammera.this morning i recived that phone call and to my disapointment steve informed me that the offer had ended and if i wanted to pay full price for the camera i find this very unfair as i firstly bought the camera fot the offer price and of no fault of my own the camera was faulty i hope you can regain my faith in your store and solve this problem showing customer satisfaction is important to you

lee locking