I took my 8 year old for tea at Weatherspoons, Tiveton, The White Ball Inn this evening (28.8.13)
There was a rowdy group sitting in the family area, swearing loudly and using sexual references, making my daughter and I very uncomfortable. After the group had used the ‘F’ word and ‘C’ word at least 3 times and made references to f***ing older women and shaving their c***s, I calmly walked over to their table and said “can you stop swearing please, I have an 8 year old right there and you are sat in the family area” I then walked away to a torrent of abuse from them. The young female member of staff walked over to there table and told them (loudly enough for me to hear) “Dont worry you’re not bothering us, some people have no sense of humour, but are you happy with my friendly smile?” laughing and looking right at me, she then continued to give ME evil looks and laughed about the situation with the young male employee. Each time these members of staff walked past my table, they gave me sneery looks, despite me smiling at them politely. They made me feel very uncomfortable. The table of louts continued to loudly swear and make sexual comments about ‘the woman in the corner’ (me). The staff could here this and chose to ignore it.
I was disgusted with the blatant victimisation and couldn’t wait for my daughter to finish her meal and leave.
I feel my approach was very polite considering the situation and I had every reason for asking them to mind their language, I do not want my 8 year old hearing foul language like this. The staff should have supported me, a single parent simply trying to have a nice quiet meal. This is nothing short of victimisation and bullying and I expect better. I shall never return!!!