Me and my partner decided to enjoy the sun with a juicy burger & beer at the harvester at tuckton Bournemouth and have come home feeling very dissapointed. I ordered the fiery chicken wings for starters and 2 harvester burgers at the bar. Went and sat down. After waiting half an hr our burgers came out but no chicken wings. When I questioned this the waitress went and checked the till receipt but it turns out the chicken wasn’t even ordered by the member of bar staff. We weren’t prepared to wait for these to actually be ordered, as they were going to be our starters, so started to tuck in to the burgers. Well, my partners was so dry it had come apart in the bun and mine was so over cooked that I even have the taste of charcoal in my mouth as I type. Certainly not juicy or succulant as advertised in the menu. The bun was also dry and tasted burnt, were very disappointed and noticed that the staff all left us alone after giving us our ‘meals’ even though they went up to everyone else to see if everything was ok with their meals. We could not be bothered to wait another half hr for more burnt things to come out if we’d sent these back as we were hungry and just excepted that this place is never going to be recommended and never to be gone back to.