I have a problem with the manager there, she was just flat out rude when I called her a few days ago. I just wanted to see if they were hiring and she said no with an attitude. So I said, well I went to the job fair last Saturday I applied for this location. She said, okay I’ll go look for the applications hold on for one moment. She had me on hold for 8 mins and after that she hung up in my face, that was rude because she knew she had someone on the phone you don’t make someone wait for long. All that time she could’ve checked it by now then I called back and told her that I called to see if you all were hiring and I was about to say until you hung up on me but she cut me off saying ma’am we are not hiring, so I said alright b*tch have a nice day! I’m glad I still work at Kroger I’m not really looking for another job right now.