Email to Yankee Candle Company, Bristol, England
(true story/complaint)

Dear Sirs,

I recently complimented your company on the fantastic range of scented candles, ranging from Clean Cotton to Jasmin and Autumn Leaves to Mid Night Iris.

However I was dismayed to have received a box of 18 small tea light coffee scented candles, which, not only did I find rather insulting because it is the least favourite scent, but I nearly had an asthma attack because of the strong and overpowering scent of this candle.

However, and on a separate note, I am pleased to advise the replacement Cherry scented candle you sent is absolutely wonderful, heaven tand blissful to use especially after a long, hard and stressful working day.

I would be grateful if you could add me to your monthly mailing list. My email address is as follows…

Yours faithfully

Miss K Hill
No.1 Yankee Candle Fan