Why is Clover 1KG butter/margarine now costing £3.70?? I know its not just you. I bought two 500G for £2.00!! and told about 5 other customers to do the same, shame on you… Come on, give it up , many others do not have the time to play these tiresome games checking this and checking that. I complained to Cathedral City Cheese company as well as some time ago you had the strong one on buy one get one free — I can’t eat that ,along with many other people for health reasons etc. The 30% lighter one is never BOGOF and it is fabulous. The company tell me that it is the Supermarket who decides what to do with it. I am so annoyed that I have decided to ban myself from your Supermarket and most others for six months. I am fortunate enough to be able to shop around and now am able to buy daily from my local shops, my word how much cheaper it is when you only buy what you need . Just stop it will you?, We the Jo Public are cottoning on big – time
to your ridiculous practices. Your fights are with other supermarkets, not us.
I am awaiting a reply from Clover, it will be interesting to hear both your replies
Thank you for your time