What’s Up With The Bubble?

The media portrays everything as perfect. Perfect faces, perfect bodies and perfect personalities. No wonder why people’s minds are going south. No matter what you say, people are affected by the media. No wonder we have suicides and wrongful guns deaths in society. That stuff is all portrayed in the media and is downplayed. Just because we are not perfect does not mean we cannot live a full life. Who cares about what message is portrayed through the media. Sometimes you have got to roll with the punches. We will never change the message so trash the message. You do not have to be a rock star or actor/actress to be happy in life. Having a family and a paying job are big accomplishments in the world today. Putting food on the table every week is enough for me. No one is ever going to be perfect, we need to realize that. Make sure to teach your children, from an early age to be themselves. If they want to do something, make sure they work hard at it and give it their all everyday. To accomplish your dreams you need major heart and desire. The media is always going to be a nuisance, so live life right