For many years I have been a customer of wetherspoons in Washington.

What has happened to our manager we have had a few managers some good and some not so good , women are not good in washington as it is a bit of a rough area , we need a man , and I thought we had the best manager , I spend a lot of money in spoons , sometimes with my mates and sometimes with my wife . I have not seen our manager for a while we need him back the pub is not the same.

I was in the pub the other day half of the beers werent on and no one was bothered, I speak for many punteres where is Jan, he is a great miss , what have you done with him , the pub was running smoothly , and the staff moral is very low .

Many punteres felt safe……….. not any more ………. we need him back ..he is friendly and a pro and cares about us customers/

You will loose many a good customer and i know I speak for others .

Please let us know what is happening .

Doug Durham