I took out a 12 month contract with Tesco on a staff deal. £18.75 a month for 500 mins unlimted text and data…or thats what I thought. In fact they put me on the wrong tariff and have been charging me rediculous bills each month for items that should be included in the tariff I should have been put on to start with. I have rang customer services on a number of occassions who refused to deal with it and told me to go back to the store where I took out the contract. When I did this I was told that my tariff would be changed and my bills recalculated and that someone would ring me to notify me of this. I had no phone call and I’ve just had a text saying my service has been suspended for going over my spending limit.

It’s a simple fix, put me on the tariff I should have been put on originally and recaulate my bills, so why is it not getting sorted? I have tried accessing my account online, but when I request my username I never recieve it.

So far the service I have experienced from Tesco mobile has been very poor and I will be going back to O2 once the contract is up.