I purchased a contract phone on Sunday 22/05/2016 from Tesco Mobile and requested to keep my old number, which is a Tesco pay as you go, I was told that my number would be activated on my new phone within 48hrs,on Thursday 26/05/2016 my number had still not changed so my husband contacted Tesco Mobile and was told that they wanted to speak to me, even though the contract is in my husbands name, so I contacted Tesco Mobile 03453006660, after 4 attempts speaking to different people and given 4 different pin numbers by text and being passed from pillar to post I eventually was told that my number would be changed within 24 hours, it is now the 27/05/2016 09.25pm and my number has still not being changed to my contract phone, is Tesco Mobile unable to do this or don’t they want to? if not I will take the phone back to Tesco and get another contract at another network where they know what they are doing, as far as I am concerned Tesco Mobile is a huge joke.