I feel the need to tell you how bitterly disappointed i am with how your site’s standards for children’s safety has fallen.
Your site was once a fun and safe place for the kids of today to play online without parents worrying that their kids are fraternizing with perverts or pedophiles that lurk in the dark world of today’s age but now thats all gone to the dogs since you brought the new “PARTY” rooms.
I have been on stardoll for six years but ever since i came across the party rooms i deleted my newest account and intend to delete my other one as i am applaud at the lack of safety on these rooms.
Oh yes you have put a muting system for bad language but when you try to say a word like for example “glasses” you get a warning when its not even swearing which is extremely unfair. Yes i agree that bad language is an issue you should address but i think you should improve its standards.
Another issue i would like to address is that their are kids going around asking to date each other! Stardoll is not a dating site! Thank-you for listening